C-Limiter Pack.
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C-Limiter Pack
Direct-X VST plug-ins

License : 3
- C-Limiter
- B-Limiter

Clipping Sound
If internally Digital Audio programs can manage any normalized signal (thanks to floating point numbers in particular), this signal has to be bound at the output, in order to be sent to D/A converters or mass storage devices.

In the first Digital Audio programs, the signal was not lopped and we got a "digital distortion" due to computation overflow. This used to produce big clicks in the sound. The signal was corrupted.

Others, as shown below, used to manage computation overflow through some sort of mathematical modulo or value rotation.

Finally systematic lopping has been implemented today in most audio software.

This is a simple truncation that simulates pretty well a basic C-MOS analog distortion.


BrickWall Sound Limiter.

C-Limiter is an and powerful Compressor/Limiter working with an automatic elliptic compression algorithm and a null limit attack time. It means that C-Limiter does not generate phase shifting and can be used in a multitrack session. C-Limiter is fast and should become your favourite pocket Limiter.

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  • C-Limiter includes a new type of compression : the automatic elliptic compression. Following the transfer graph above, this pure compression without threshold is able to boost the signal by increasing the power of the sound.

    Insert It and Forget It


    Predictive Limitation.

    Dedicated to the master output, the predictive B-Limiter is a new class of limiter between the envelope follower and AGC (Auto Gain Compensation).

  • Quick Documentation (overview).
  • Specifications.

  • Predicting levels by delaying the signal allows level limiting while keeping a better sound integrity.

    the predictive limitation process in 3 steps

    Free Tool : D-Limiter

    Fast Limiter in VST Plug-in format.
    This very first version made in 1998 lets you use the first brickwall limitation algorithm of the C-Limiter for free.
    D-Limiter Freeware VST Plug-in

    Download here (DLL in a 29Ko zip).

    C-Limiter 1.5 (DX Version)

    The first version of the C-Limiter in Direct-X format.

    C-Limiter DX first version

    (no longer available).

    C-Limiter 1.6 (old version)

    This older version of C-Limiter was the first commercial one. Delivered in the Plug-in Pack 1, it has been updated by the Limiter Pack above.
    C-Limiter 1.6 Commercial Version

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