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B-Limiter Pack
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The very first steps

STEP -1- : Adjust the Limit.

STEP -2- : Adjust The Input gain.

STEP -3- : Tweak the distorsion rate if needed.


B-Limiter is a predictive limiter built around a fast envelope follower. As it uses a look-ahead method to process sounds, this effect generates a small latency, it is therefore rather dedicated to final mastering or broadcast file processing.

Insert it ! that's all !

B-Limiter is set to be used as a limiter.
All you have to do is change the output limiting level with the last knob.

Look Ahead

By default, pre-delay is set to 10 ms. This matches a 25-Hz sinus (1/4 of a period) and it allows the Limiter to react pretty well in most situations. This look-ahead parameter represents the attack and release times of the envelope follower.

Distorsion Control

Since there is an envelope follower, we can decide how to react according to this envelope.
The choice between "More" or "Less" actually gives control over the distorsion rate.

The Gain button

This is a simple input-gain knob that can be used to adjust input level, or to maximize sound energy by forcing the limiter.

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