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VU-Meter Series
Direct-X VST plug-ins

License : 6
- VU-Meter.
- VU-Meter Corellator.

The very first steps

STEP -1- : Display the Meter Window.

STEP -2- : Right Click on it to get the contextual popup menu.

STEP -3- : Select usual preset (Digital or analog).

STEP -4- : Move or Resize the display.


Here it is the VU-meter ! the first plug-in of the VB-Audio measurement tools series.

Precisely, this plug-in will show you all the useful values of the level measure : PEAK (Max), RMS and AVERAGE on all kind of digital audio signal.

Basics :

The Display button open the VU-meter view.
The "RESET" button reset the max detection processing.

Synchronization :

This delay, adjustable up to 2 seconds (set at 0 ms per default) will allow you if required to synchronize the display with what you hear (it means to delay the display to be synchronized with the audio broadcast).

Level Type :

The VU-meter is measuring permanently the levels Max (PEAK), RMS and AVERAGE that can be display at any time by this selector.
The level measure is done y using directly this mathematical formula (the VB-Audio VU-meter do not use approximation method).
Note that the Max Level (PEAK) is always displayed as a small bar, whatever the kind of level currently selected.

Range Settings :

The Min and Max level of the scale can be set as your convenience to let you see the level with the best precision (from - 180 db to +48db on the decibels scale).

Release :

We can set here the release time of the bar graph giving the levels by tweaking the speed of the fall, here expressed in db per second.
The release time is independently configurable on the Max level (PEAK) and on the RMS and AVERAGE level (R / A).

Analogical Behavior :

The VB-Audio VU-meter enable you to emulate the behavior of a true VU-meter. This has been made possible by different controls : first the " Linear Scale " button to change the db scale, after we have to introduce an attack time and set the release time to match the ballistic of a needle VU-meter, finally we will have to change the ZERO POINT according your own norm that you will have to define.

To avoid you all these manipulations, the factory PRESET named ANALOG VU (in the contextual menu of the display window) provides you a good emulation of a needle VU-meter, fully dedicated to the audio digital constraints.

Contextual Menu :

This contextual pop-up menu will appear with a right click on the VIEW window.

From the menu, the user will be able to manipulate other options such as the Display rate or the level type (PEAK, R/A).

Two helpful presets will enable the user to rapidly switch the VU meter to analog or Digital behavior.

The window has been rendered ALWAYS VISIBLE by default for convenience (although this can be switched off). However this parameter is not stored as preset, only as an extra option.

In a project where more than one VU meter may be open at any one time, the user can avoid confusion by individualizing each view window (e.g. Input 1, Output Master, etc.).

Finally, the user will be able to define all their default options and display configurations through the DEFAULT OPTION.

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