VU-Meters series.
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VU-Meters Series
Direct-X VST plug-ins

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- VU-meter.
- VU-meter correlator.

Volume Unit
In the analog field, the V.U. concept deals with different definitions. Firstly, 0 dBm gives the level of a signal outputing a power of 1 mW on a 600 ohms line. Secondly, by default, a real-life analog VU-meter displays 0dB for a +4 dBm sinus voltage.

In the digital field, these definitions don't make sense anymore. The maximum signal level is +1.0 (means 0dB Peak) and cannot be related to a voltage notion or whatever value depending on D/A converters. Then, to introduce a VU-metering tool in the digital field, we first had to define a new standard.

Even if VB-Audio's VU-Meters are fully configurable, the ANALOG VB-Audio VU-Meters, by default, displays 0dB when they receive a sinus signal at -4dB peak. This zero point was defined in order to use the precision of the VU-meter scale in the best way, and also to define a coherent measurement of signal power taking digital audio limitations into account.

Now that we have defined a standard, the VU-meter can take a strict measurement of the signal's RMS level. The final behaviour of the VU-meter is based upon ballistic parameters (attack/release time) in order to emulate the behavior of a hardware needle VU-meter when measuring a complex signal (not only sinus signal).

The interest of VB-Audio's digital VU-meter is the possibility to evaluate the power of a bound signal, that is to say that it will match its own representation on a digital medium. That's why we shall use the VU-meter after limiting or lopping the signal (removing peaks).

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VU-Meter + Cor

The VU-meters are used to control your mastering and audio projects.

- Diplays PEAK, RMS and AVERAGE Levels (Mono or Stereo).
- PEAK detection, MAX level Detection.
- Displays Dynamics on PEAK or RMS/Average Level.
- Configurable scale length.
- Configurable ballistic parameters (Attack/Release).
- Linear scale or dB scale.
- Two factory presets : Analog or Digital VU.
- Display window can be moved and resized.
- Precision : 0.01dB on the full range.
- Display rate : from 2 Frames per second to 30 frames per second.
- Displays in an independent window.
- Correlation meter on the VU-Meter_Cor version.
- Instantaneous phase correlation measurements from 0 to 180 degrees.
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  • Q-VU 252 (old product)

    First version of the VB-Audio VU-meter

    Q-VU 252
    No longer available.

    Q-SA 4829 (old product)

    Quick 9 bands stereo analyzer

    Q-SA 4829
    No longer available.

    Q-SA 9029 (old product)

    Quick 9 bands stereo analyzer.

    Q-SA 9029
    No longer available.

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