VU-meter History.
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VU-Meters History
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- VU-meter History.

Recording Levels

VB-Audio's VU-Meter History (VU-meter Hist) gives you the possibility to keep a record of PEAK and RMS levels (mono or stereo) and phase correlation between left and right channels on a period of 4 hours at least (4 hours with 30 measurements per second, 12 hours with 10 measurements per second).

The aim is to get a complete and all-encompassing view on the levels of a digital audio production in its entirety (a CD Mastering, for example) or of a broadcast recorded signal (TV/Radio). To achieve that, VU-meter History includes different functions - which you can use even while recording - to display the whole history or a single part of it, to insert cue points or to get an overall view of the level history, thanks to powerful zoom features.

The zoom functions of VU-meter History allow you to get an overall view without losing a single piece of information. MAX levels remain visible even with important zoom levels, RMS and AVERAGE levels are graphically oversampled to give you the most consistent and significant information.

Record Level On Tape with VU-meter History

VU-Meter History

PEAK-Phase-meter for controling up to 4 hours of audio broadcast signals.

- PEAK detection, MAX Detection.
- Displays dynamics on PEAK or RMS/Average levels.
- Configurable PEAK/RMS level scale length.
- Configurable Attack/Release ballistic parameters.
- Linear scale or dB Scale.
- Analog or digital behaviour preset switch.
- Display window can be moved and resized.
- Precision : 0.01dB on the whole range.
- Display rate : from 2 frames per second to 30 frames per second.
- The display is located in an independent window.
- Phase correlation measurements from 0 to 180 degrees on VU-Meter_Cor version.
- Up to 4 hours of history with 30 frames per second.

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