StripTool V3 Quick Doc.
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Language : English Language : French Direct-X VST Plug-in VS3 Merging Plug-in
Striptool Series
Direct-X VST plug-ins

License : 13
Striptool V1 : page d'informations- Striptool V1 (free).

Striptool V2 : page d'informations- Striptool V2.

- Striptool V3.

Quick Start

STEP -1- : Set input gain.

STEP -2- : Adjust compression rate.

STEP -3- : Enable auto-make-up to compensate for gain loss produced by compression.

STEP -4- : Adjust output level using the fader.

Striptool V3 Specification

Striptool V3 Routing Block Diagram

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