Stereo Manager.
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Stereo Manager
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- Stereoman

Stereo Spreading
From recording to playback, through mixing and mastering, each step has an effect on the resulting sound's stereo image. This is done, for instance, by pan settings or by applying different settings onto the left and right output channels of common effects : EQ, Compressor, Echo, Chorus, etc... Yet, StereoMan features all you need to act on a sound's stereo image.

When Mixing.
When mixing, one will often try to create a stereo image out of mono tracks, through the use of special effects (reverb, chorus...). StereoMan can help you to achieve this thanks to its QUASI STEREO filter, cutting up the spectrum into a more or less significant amount of bands (Cutting Up) and interleaving them alternately onto the right and left channels with more or less emphasis (strength).

For Mastering.
One will usually try to control the stereo image of the sound (Stereo Expander) and get power back on the spectrum's low-ends. This is what the "L + R Contour" section is here for. It generates a mono component which is processed through a lowpass filter, and then sends it back to the left and right outputs. This allows you to get sound power back, while keeping some sort of stereo image on medium/high frequencies (these frequencies are not very powerful but they are very useful when rendering stereo).

Stereo Manager

The essential tool for the control of stereo imaging.

- Left/Right Phase Correlation control.
- Phase Switch on each channel.
- Independent Left/Right Balance.
- Quasi Stereo Comb-Filtering Algorithm.
- L + R Contour section for control over the centered elements on sound.
- Stereo Expander to Boost the stereo elements.
- Left/Right Micro Time-Shifting (I-Shift).
- Output Gain, from -12 dB to +12 dB, to make up for the output level, if needed.

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  • StereoMan features the basic tools to handle a sound's stereo image. From generating a simulated stereo field to controling left/right cleavages, VB-Audio's Stereo Manager offers you the essential tools to work on a sound's stereophonic characteristics.

    Improve Stereo Imaging

    Stereo Manager by VB-Audio

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