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Quick Start

STEP -1- : Adjust Center Frequency.

STEP -2- : Adjust gain (ex : +3 db).

STEP -3- : Use the MUTE button to bypass the EQ processing and compare sounds.


Tone-Shelf is a double Shelving EQ (F.I.R type) allowing you to modify the amount of low and high frequencies.

Like Tone-Param, Tone-Shelf is supplied with Tone-Shelf FS2, which performs the same processings at twice the original samplerate for better EQing precision. Oversampling is a transparent process for the user. Internally, the plugin resamples the signal in order to increase its calculation precision. Once the signal has been processed, it is downsampled back to the original frequency. This feature allows better processing quality, especially with 44.1 or 48-Khz audio material.

Filtre en terrasse : allure de courbe

Tone-Shelf Equalizer was designed like an equal-arm balance. Gains act as weights and the center frequency acts as a fulcrum. Tone-Shelf, featuring soft-knee shelving filters, gives you the possibility to rectify levels in order to readjust the spectrum's balance of a master tape, among others. Indeed, one will sometimes find the sound of a master tape too generous (or not enough) in low or high frequencies. Rather than trying to find solutions by starting again from to the beginning of the whole processing chain of the original mastering process, taking the risk of modifying more characteristics than just the low/high balance, Tone-Shelf will allow you to work on spectral balance at the very end of a mastering process, or even on an already mastered tape.

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