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- Spectro SculpturA.

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Quick start

STEP -1- : Adjust Gain for each of the 4 bands.

STEP -2- : Deactivate the Left/Right Link button.

STEP -3- : and you can adjust gains on one single channel at a time.

STEP -4- : Use the BYPASS button to compare sound with/without filtering.

Tone-4 Concept

Tone-4 is an old plugin which was originally supplied with the SculpturA pack as an additional free-of-charge product. This plugin is merely a 4-band graphical EQ.

The advantages of this equalizer are numerous. Firstly, it features SculpturA's filtering technology : a simulation of analog passive filters via F.I.R filtering. Secondly, DSP ressources are kept at a very low level (in 1999, it was important).

As a consequence, Tone-4 is still available as a part of the SculpturA pack. It will be perfect as a supplementary EQing tool or as a secondary EQ if you need to adjust sound grossly.

Tone-4 Frequency response

4 complementary bands

When you want to adjust the overall colour of a sound or modify the spectral balance - EQing in its literal meaning (during Mastering, among others) - you'll be trying to avoid two pitfalls : resonance and resonance. This is done, in the first place, through using F.I.R-type filtering (finite impulse response) which guarantees - by design - minimal resonance (compared to I.I.R-type filtering) and, in the second place, by processing wide frequency ranges of the spectrum. Thin EQing with high Q factors is rather used when you are working on single instruments while mixing, or when you are fixing various problems (hiss, noise...).

Tone-4 is therefore perfectly suited for the final equalization of a master tape : simple and straightforward, it will allow you to rectify your sound very quickly.

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