Stereo Oscilloscope.
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Stereo Oscilloscope
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- Stereo Oscilloscope.

What should we see !?
Firstly, the overall aspect of the sound. If the bunch of dots is localized around a thin vertical line, then it means that the stereophonic signal is well in phase.
vector scope showing in phase stereo signal
Then, the left/right balance (below, the signal represented by this graph is panned to the right). vector scope showing stereo signal right panned
We can also evaluate the overall amount of distortion. Here, there's a lot of distortion (square bunch of dots). vector scope showing big stereo distorsion

Stereo Oscilloscope by VB-Audio

Stereo Oscilloscope

The real dual-channel Lissajous mode oscilloscope, giving a 2D representation of a stereophonic audio signal.

- Display resolution up to 512x512 dots.
- Configurable automatic scale length (the scale length can adapt itself in real-time according to the level of the signal so that the display resolution is always optimum).
- The signal is oversampled (up to x16) so that the beam curve is as smooth and natural as possible.
- The beam's persistence on screen is configurable as well as its colours.
- Display window can be moved and resized.
- Display rate : from 2 frames per second to 30 frames per second.

A 2-channel oscilloscope can be used to draw very nice pictures or 3D curves, but it can also be used to get important information during a stereo mastering process, for instance : the phase corellation between left and right channels or the stereophonic aspects of a sound can be evaluated, as well as the balance between left and right channels, or even the presence of distortion and any DC-offset characteristics.

  • Quick Documentation (overview).
  • Specifications.
  • Download StandAlone Demo (ZIP 183Kb).
  • How to buy !?.
  • The Stereo oscilloscope GUI

    Free Tools. (VST plug-in)

    Small gadget to transform your sound (works in stereo).

    Free VST Plug-in

    Download here (Zipped DLL file 30 kb)

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