Frequencies Analyzer.
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Frequencies Analyzer
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- Frequencies Analyzer.

Filter Bank Analysis
VB-Audio's Frequency Analyzer consists in a series of band-pass filters. These filters extract the audio signal according to user parameters : the number of bands to be analyzed and the bandwidth displayed by the analysis window. Measures are therefore performed on each extracted band.

Amazing Velocity :
One of the advantages of filter bank analysis is the possibility to perform (almost) as many measures as you require every second. VB-Audio's analyzer gives you information in real time (up to 60 times per second). This way you can control the evolution of sound as you could never before.

Frequency Scale :
Through the use of band-pass filters, the bandwith is analyzed according to a logarithmic progression along the frequency range. Data can therefore be used straight away with great measuring precision because it relies on very little calculation. On the contrary, an FFT analysis works with a linear scale by nature, therefore needing extrapolation, which costs a fair amount of calculation and errors to display data on a logarithmic scale.

Precision :
Once again, filter bank analysis keeps precision more constant on the whole bandwidth than an FFT analysis (its precision deteriorates as the width of the analysis window decreases in low frequencies).

Simplicity :
VB-Audio's Frequency Analyzer is very easy to use because most people can understand the simple parameters it features. While FFT analysis requires to master some obscure parameters (frame sizing, windowing, weighting...), VB-Audio's Analyzer was really designed for musician and sound engineers.

VB-Audio Frequency Analyzer

Frequencies Analyzer

The first Spectrum Analyzer designed for musicians and sound engineers.

- From 15 to 512 bands (mono or stereo).
- Precision up to 1/20th Tone.
- Configurable Frequency Range from 20Hz to 192Khz (samplerate dependent).
- Displays phase correlation for each band (stereo only).
- Displays Max Level for each band.
- Displays Average Level for each band (with a time band).
- The analysis can be performed on both channels (in stereo), as well as on a single one (Left or Right), and even on L+R.
- 5 visualization types are available (regular Peak / RMS level, Waterfall, Spectrogram, Phase, L/R differences).
- Display window can be moved and resized.

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  • The Spectrum Analyzer displays
    VB-Audio spectrum bar graph

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