FFX-16 i.o.p. Specifications.
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Application PC Windows

FFX-x i.o.p.
Software Application

License : 5
- FFX-16 i.o.p.
- FFX-16 Dual Rack.

Software Compatibility

This product has been tested with :

- Windows 95.
- Windows 98.
- Windows 98 SE.
- Windows ME.
- Windows NT 4.1.
- Windows 2000.
- Windows XP.

Audio Drivers Compatibility

- Usual Windows MME drivers.
- A.S.I.O. Drivers.

Plug-in Name :
Processing Type :
Possible Routing :

FFX-16 i.o.p.
Mini host for DX Plug-ins.
Stereo in/out live
Bi-Stereo in/out live (DUAL)

Hardware Requirement

PC Set-up (min) :
Memory Set-up (min) :
Screen Set-up (min) :

Options / remarks :

PC Set-up (recommanded) :
Memory Set-up (recommanded) :
Screen Set-up (recommanded) :
Intel Pentium© 200MHz.
RAM 64Mb.
800x600 (16bits colors min).


Intel Pentium©III 500MHz.
RAM 128Mb.
1024x768 (16bits colors min).

Inputs / Outputs

Inputs :
Data Type :
Supported SampleRate :

Outputs :
Data Type :
Supported SampleRate :

Stereo ou bi-stereo (DUAL)
8, 16, 24 bits
all above 11000 Hz.

Same as Inputs
Same as Inputs
Same as Inputs

FFX-16 i.o.p. and Direct-X Hosting

Hosting :

Supported Versions :

plug-ins chain :

Internal processing :

Direct-X Plug-in (Audio Filter Type).
(DXi are not supported).
Active Movie 1.0 and higher.
(e.g. Direct-X 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 etc...).
DX plug-ins are directly connected
together to optimize the data stream.
The processing inside the rack is made in 32bit
Float, whatever the type of the signal sent to
the rack.

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