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EQpro-Gx Series
Direct-X VST plug-ins

License : 2
- EQpro-G3
- EQpro-G4
- EQnotch-G3
- EQnotch-G4

EQpro series
The EQpro pack features the most usual units dealing with digital parametric equalization : classic peak equalization, allowing control over a range of frequencies that you can widen or narrow; high-pass (HPF) and low-pass (LPF) filters, allowing to cut respectively low frequencies and high frequencies according to a predefined cutoff frequency; shelving EQs, allowing to increase the whole frequency range to the left (low shelf) or to the right (high shelf) of a predefined cutoff frequency; band-pass filters - a bit anecdotal here - allowing to reduce the spectrum down to a frequency range of variable width (up to 2 octaves); and at last, EQnotch offers a notch filter allowing to eliminate a precise frequency (it is called a feedback remover).

Precision Equalizers
VB-Audio's EQ package was designed according to the rule book. Processings have been optimized to such a degree (programmed in FPU x86 assembler to guarantee minimum CPU load) that computation errors are minimized and the plug-in's deadly precise treatments produce crystal-clear sounds with optimal quality. The EQ pack can therefore fulfill musicians' expectations as much as engineers and technicians' criteria (workbench results are perfectly in line with the plug-in's nominal parameters as well as with its claimed theoretical frequency response).


3 and 4-band Parametric Equalizer.

- High-definition parametric equalizer.
- 6 filter types (peak, LPF, HPF, BPF, high shelf, low shelf).
- Frequency range up to 35 Khz.
- Gain range up to 72 dB.
- Bandwidth from 1/24 octave to 2 octaves.
- On/Off button for each filter.
- Q parameter according to EE sort of definition.
- Works with fixed Q or fixed bandwidth.
- An LCD graph displays the frequency response.

EQpro-G3/G4 is the first of the series. Its main advantages are its precision and acuteness, and its wide range of applications.
(Available as a Direct-X or VST Plug-in)

Surgical and multi-purpose

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  • EQnotch-G3/G4

    A bulldozer as precise as a needle.

    - High-definition parametric equalizer.
    - 3 filter types (peak, notch, LPF).
    - Frequency range up to 35 Khz.
    - Gain range up to 48 dB.
    - On/Off button for each filter.
    - An LCD graph displays the frequency response.

  • Quick Documentation (overview).
  • Specifications.
  • How to buy !?.

  • Notch Filter removes completely a single frequency

    Free Tool : Karakao

    Karakao is used to remove centered signals from an audio file (usually, voices).
    (works as a stereo insert only).
    Karakao Freeware VST Plug-in

    Download here (29-kb zipped DLL file).

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