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FFX Rack Series
Direct-X VST plug-ins

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- FFX-16

The very first steps

STEP -1- : Click in empty slot.

STEP -2- : Select Plug-in.

STEP -3- : drag and drop it.

STEP -4- : double click to get the GUI.


The graphical user interface displays the list of effects which are connected in series to process sound.
The signal is processed using floating point numbers (even if the host program works with lower bit-depths, such as 16-bit integer, for instance) and filters are directly connected to each other.
Up to 16 effects can be inserted inside the RACK.

Effects inside the rack :

Each effect is represented in the rack by a 19-inch aluminum style unit, with SOLO and MUTE buttons.
To access an effect's GUI (Graphical User Interface), you just have to double click the unit or right click it to get the contextual menu.

Metering :

You can check the input (left-hand side) and output (right-hand side) levels of the rack in real time.
If no effect is inserted or connected (for example when all effects are muted in the rack) the VU-meters will be inactive (nothing displayed). The meters display peak levels (in red), average levels (in green) and overload (in yellow).

Permanent presets :

On the right-hand side of the GUI, 2 rows of 8 push buttons are here to save or recall the status of the rack as a whole.
The advantage of those presets is obvious : you can have 8 presets at hand, always available, whatever host you'll be using the FFX16 Rack with.

Effect GUI manager :

Because 16 effects means 16 Graphic User Interfaces (GUI), FFX16 implements a GUI manager.
By pushing one of these buttons, you can quickly close, tile, open, cascade and so on... all the user interface windows of DX Effects inserted inside the rack.

The last two buttons at the bottom allow you to save and recall the whole rack (in a .RCK file).
Very handy if you want to move a rack-set from one host to another or from one computer to another !

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