DX Rack series.
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DX-Rack Series
Direct-X VST plug-ins

License : 4
- FFX-16

FFX-16 History
FFX means "effect inside the effect" or "FX inside FX" or if you prefer "Plug-ins inside a Plug-in"

As soon as 1999 VB-Audio brought a solution to handle several plug-ins in a basic patchbay called FFX16. This plug-in, which is basically a Direct-X plug-in manager, was the only solution for the chaining of effects in a reliable way (internally, FFX always works with 32-bit float numbers) with programs such as SoundForge for example.

Initially designed as a workaround, in the 2000's, the FFX-rack series was also the only solution to use DX plug-ins in Wavbelab 3.0 audiomontages. Yes, FFX is also available as a VST plug-in and can be used as a DX to VST adapter !

Today, FFX-16 is still useful to build complex effect chains with different DX plug-ins and as such, it is very helpful to handle difficult mastering works needing a lot of processing. Thanks to its preset handling and the possibility to modify the order of plug-ins in real time just by dragging and dropping effects, FFX-series remains an amazing and very handy tool.

FFX-16 Rack

DX-Plug-in Manager.

- 16 Direct-X effects in series.
- Insert/Remove Filter inside the Rack.
- Move filters in the Rack via Drag and Drop.
- Swith on/off for each Filter (Bypass button).
- Mute entire Rack (Mute button).
- COPY Plug-in from a Rack to Another (Clipboard).
- COPY All Rack settings from a Rack to Another (Clipboard).
- SAVE/LOAD Entire Rack.
- 8 Permanent Mem-in Mem-Out.
- Change context file ("C" Button).
- SAVE/LOAD Preset for each inserted Plug-in
- VU-meters on input and output.
- Context saved and handled by Host program
- Solo button for each effect.

FFX-16, the mini patchbay

FFX16 is here to regulate and bring a compatible way to manage Direct-X Plug-ins (from one host program to another).

  • Quick Documentation (overview).
  • Specifications.
  • How to buy !?.

  • Free Tool : DX-Plug Remover

    Remove DX plug-ins from your system by removing them from the registry.

    DX-Plug-in Deinstaller

    Download here
    (62-Kb zipped EXE file)

    FFX-4 (Freeware)

    Here is the version with 4 effects. This lighter version is a fully functional freeware version allowing you to evaluate the product's possibilities before purchasing the FFX16 version.
    FFX-4 Full Demo Freeware
  • Download FFX-4 DX-VST. (1.128-Kb ZIP file)
  • Download FFX-4 for WinAmp. (595-Kb ZIP file)

  • FFX-16 i.o.p. (Related product)

    FFX-16 i.o.p. (FFX-16 standalone application) is free for VB-Audio customers to let them turn their PC into a Realtime Audio Processing Unit.
    FFX-16 I.O.P. The StandAlone DX-Plug-in Rack
    FFX16 i.o.p. now includes the DUAL FFX-16 I.O.P., a double FFX-16 that can handle 2 stereo channels through ASIO Drivers.

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