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C10-Limiter Pack
Direct-X VST plug-ins

License : 10
- C10-Limiter
- D10-Limiter

C10 for mastering
Compressing 10 bands independently is the only efficient way to get optimal levels on a master tape's full frequency spectrum. By doing exacly this, C10 will bring unrivaled clarity, sonic contrast and power precision.

C10 for stereo-imaging
C10 features a stereo delay line for each extracted band. This allows you to decorrelate the signal by creating not only a left/right cleavage but also a difference between each band. This principle allows you to modify the sound space but also to completely rebuild the signal's stereo image, thanks to pan and phase controls.

C10 and vinyl-cutting
C10 allows you to control left/right phase correlation band per band, thanks to a stereo correlation control. This guarantees, among other things, perfect phase correlation on low frequencies - a necessary thing for vinyl-record engraving.

C10 plug-in will become your mastering Station

C10 is an equalizer
Above all, C10 is a 10-band graphic equalizer (10 octaves) based on an FIR algorithm emulating passive filters, and it offers great musical quality. This way, C10 allows you to control and adjust the overall colour of a master tape.

C10 is mixing desk
C10 was designed like a 10-channel mixing console on which each channel controls a different frequency band. The FULLBOARD window illustrates this concept and allows the user to really consider C10 like a 10-channel mixer. It is also this way that one should consider it in order to feel at ease when manipulating C10.

C10-Limiter, the multi band compressor by VB-Audio


The ultimate multi-band compressor/limiter.

Processings available on each of the 10 bands :
- Phase Correlation Control.
- Pan Control.
- Up to 250-ms stereo delay.
- Interaural shifting +/- 50ms.
- Compression 1:1 to 1:8.
- Threshold from -3db to -30db.
- Knee Control.
- Attack/Release Time Setting.
- "Auto Make Up Gain" Function.
- Post Compression Gain.
- Limiter.

- Full Processing-Management Console (Mute/Reset interface).
- Band-Grouping Interface.
- Preset Manager with UNDO/REDO.

Full measuring tools are integrated.
C10, relying on the perfect extraction of 10 frequency bands, is similar to a 10-channel mixing console. On each lane, you'll find a compressor, a limiter and many other types of processings.

The MultiBand

Thanks to its design, to the quantity of available functions and the amount of processing possibilities, C10 brings unprecedented precision and power, uncompromising quality and musicality, perfect command and control over processings.

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  • D10-Limiter

    The reverse function of C10 :
    de-compression !

    With D10, get your lost dynamics back and start again on good groundings for your re-mastering or audio restoration works. When nothing can help you get more power and make your master-tape sound, it is often because the original signal is squashed and flattened. The sound remains monolithic and any attempt to improve it, even with just a simple EQ, eventually leads to signal deterioration.

    Then, now, you need a 10-band de-compressor : D10.

  • Quick Documentation (overview).
  • Specifications.
  • How to buy !?.
  • D10-Limiter, the Multiband Decompressor

    C10's ancestor :

    SculpturA. the 9-octave spectral mixing console.

    Spectro SculpturA

    H-Limiter (New Product Range)

    VB-Audio's latest sound-limiting pack, for extreme mastering processes.
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    VU-Meters (Power Measurements)

    Used to fully measure the power brought by C10 to your productions.
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