VB Plug-Manager.
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VB_plugman screen shot

Just help you to manage Plug-ins registered on your system.

The list shows you all the Audio Direct-X Plug-in and all VS3 Plug-in for Merging System.

Select one or several plug-ins by name, and click on one of the 3 buttons to Disable/Enable or Remove Plug-ins from your system.
VB_PLUGMAN (Freeware)

(66Ko ZIP file 26-Nov-2001).

DOWNLOAD VB_Plugman.exe
(188Ko EXE file 26-Nov-2001).

VB_PlugMan to do what !?

First, Plugman help you To check if a plug-in is well installed, or if a plug-in is really correctly deinstalled.

Finally, Plugman let you Disable or Enable Plug-in like a quick de-install / re-install function.

Disable plug-ins can be interesting when, for example, you forgot to bring your DONGLE or CD or other KEY with you but you have to work on your audio station anyway. Since using protected plug-ins without Key can cause trouble in running Host Audio Software. Disable them can save your day.
Quick Documentation

Plug-in Names
Public name of the plug-in (click on the column header to sort by name).

Show the type of the Plug-in : Direct-X or VS3.

Show the statut (Enabled/Disabled) of the plug-in.

Displays yes if the given Plug-in is related to an existing file (usually a dll, ax or ocx file). if not you may remove this plug-in from the registry (by the REMOVE button) or check the drive if it's a virtual drive or a network drive where the plug-in should be.

Gives the complete name of the file associated with a plug-in.

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