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VB-Audio Software is a brand created by Vincent Burel, independent developer and expert in real time digital audio processing since 1999.

The story starts in 1997,1998. it was the glorious age of audio plug-ins, with many plug-in formats like Direct-X, VST, WaveLab, Winamp, SAW32, Quartz Audio… One of the first FX I developed is a reverb algorithm called QuickVerb distributed as shareware! Very simple, very basic, but with realistic controls look and feel and the willing to go further on this matter...

After this I passed all the year 1999 to develop an optimal model of Reverb algorithm, able to run on Pentium computer without taking 100% CPU and with a good sound quality. Released in 1999, Aphro-V1 was one of the first audio professional software reverb able to be compared to hardware units like Lexicon or TC Reverb.

Aphro-V1 Fx Reverb

In the mean time I was working on new audio processing algorithms to spread the sound in 10 different octaves that could be processed independently. Based on F.I.R. filters to emulate analog capacitors, I release Spectro-ScultpturA and Tone-4 plug-ins, end of 1999 or beginning of 2000. This technology will allow me to develop some years after the C10 (10 Bands Limiter / Compressor) and the Tone-Param Plug-in that is a unique Full Parametric F.I.R. Equalizer.

VB-Audio ScupturA Pack

By having developed plug-ins on different architectures and SDK's, I quickly got interest in Plug-in Hosting as well and developed the FFX plug-ins for DirectX, VST and even Winamp (FFX4) to host DirectX plug-ins in a kind of simplified Plug-in container designed like a patch bay where the user can insert up to 16 Direct-X plug-ins connected in series. This was allowing very powerful audio processing workflow, especially to perform mastering job. Later I will make a standalone version just to turn a PC in a processing unit (the FFX16 i.o.p).

VB-Audio All Plug-ins Pack

The Beginning of the 2000 decade was an opportunity to develop a complete series of Plug-ins, Direct-X and VST plug-ins but also VS3 Plug-ins for the new coming DAW called Pyramix from Merging Technologies, based on a specific Trimedia DSP audio board. I developed different plug-ins for mastering, measuring as well as for mixing jobs until the year 2003.

VB-Audio All Plug-ins Pack

In 2005 I develop a new plug-in series, dedicated to live mixing, for Innovason mixing consoles. The challenge was to port many of my audio processing algorithms on a specific board based on Analog Device Sharc DSP and to re-design graphic user interfaces to simplify the user experience and fit the live mixing constraints and requirements. This was a great opportunity to learn about the huge differences between a post production and a live production workflow.

VB-Audio Plug-ins For Innovason Console

In the mean time I was working on a multi track recording project called MT128 with Joram Ludwig. Thanks to RME HDSP MADI board it was possible to manage 64 audio I/O with a good ASIO driver working with 256 samples buffer, finally the same buffer size used by audio pro DAW today. MT128 was designed with new ergonomic principles: the Graphic User Interface will be touch Screen compatible with a 1024 x 768 resolution. This hard constraint obliged us to think a lot about the design and the workflow, very inspired by true tape recorder used in studio in the 80's or even 90's.

VB-Audio MT128 Solution


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