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Native Plug-ins

VS3 Plug-ins for Pyramix / Masscore
VB-Audio Professional Plug-ins for Mastering, Mixing and Measuring Jobs

VB-Audio Plug-ins for Pyramix 9 64bits
VB-Audio AphroVx Reverb VB-Audio C10-Limiter Multi band Compressor
VB-Audio Measure Pack VB-Audio EQPro Pack
VB-Audio Special Fx Pack VB-Audio Striptools Series
VB-Audio Compressors Series VB-Audio Stereo Manager Tools
VB-Audio C-Limiter VB-Audio Tone-X Pack

10 Plug-in Packs for Pyramix 9 / MassCore

[0]- Reverberation: Aphro-V1 / AphroV-1.5.
[1]- Multiband Dynamics: C10/D10-Limiter C10-DXD.
[2]- I.I.R. Equalizer: EQpro-G3/G4 EQnotch-G3/G4 .
[3]- F.I.R. Equalizer: Tone-4 / Tone-Param / Tone-Shelf .
[4]- Compressors: Red & Blue & MultiChannel Compressor.
[5]- Limiter / Maximizer: C-Limiter.
[6]- Stereo Management: Stereoman / MonoSwitcher.
[7]- Special FX: Chorus / MultiTap.
[8]- Channel Strip: Striptool V1 / V2 / V3.
[9]- Measure: VU-Meter / Oscilooscope / Spectrum Analyzer.

VS3 Plug-ins Distribution

VB-Audio VS3 Plug-ins are now distributed by Merging Technologies and installed with Pyramix 9 (32/64 bits).

More Information on www.merging.com

How to buy License www.merging.com/sales

VST-Direct-X Plug-ins for Windows
VB-Audio Native Plug-ins for Windows Audio Software (32 bits DAW)

VB-Audio Natives Plug-ins
VB-Audio Striptools
VB-Audio SculpturA Pack
VB-Audio Digital Reverb

Licenses for VST-DX Plug-ins (32bits).

L01- Aphro-V1.1, Aphro-V1.1 Q, Aphro-V1.5, Aphro-V1.5 Q.
L02- EQpro-G3, EQpro-G4, EQnotch-G3, EQnotch-G4.
L03- C-Limiter, B-Limiter .
L04- FFX-16 (Standalone Application).
L05- FFX-16 i.o.p. / FFX-16 Dual.
L06- VU-meter, VU-meter+Cor.
L07- VU-meter History.
L08- Stereo Oscilloscope (vector scope).
L09- Frequencies Analyzer (Spectrum Analyzer).
L10- C10-Limiter, D10-Limiter.
L11- Stereo Manager.
L12- SculpturA Pack (SculpturA, Tone-4, Tone-Shelf, Tone-Param).
L13- Striptool Series V2 & V3.
L14- Graphic EQ series I,II.
L17- Chorus Series (Simple Chorus, Chorus, DUAL_Chorus, TRI_Chorus).
L18- H-Limiter Pack (H-Limiter, Harmonics).


This plug-in series has been sold by Media-Assistance from the year 2000 to 2010.

VB-Audio Embedded Plug-ins
VB-Audio Plug-ins for FM8VB Board in Innovason Eclipse Mixing Console

VB-Audio FM8VB Plug-ins
VB-Audio Plug-ins for Innovason Eclipse Console

VB-Audio Plug-ins for Hardware

In 2006, Innovason Eclipse Console includes a complete series of plug-ins in the FM8-VB Board based on 21161 SHARC DSP's. It provides high quality effect from VB-Audio Original Algorithms like Aphro Reverb, Parametric EQ, Dynamics, Delay, Chorus and the C4 Multi Band Compressor/Limiter based on Vincent Burel Real Time F.I.R. Filter.

PLug-ins For Live

Completely integrated to the NOVA Control Software, VB-Audio Plug-ins in Innovason Console were designed for Live. User interfaces were optimized for stressful environments and could be handled by the Control Surface Smart Panel.


VB-Audio Compressor in Eclipse


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